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11/06/2006 1.0.0 released
24/04/2006 1.0beta2 released
30/01/2006 1.0beta1 released

soniK is an open source digital audio editor for Linux, using the KDE platform. soniK allows you to record, edit and process sounds on your computer.


soniK's main features include:

  • Record audio using your computer's soundcard
  • Visualise the audio as a waveform or a spectrogram spectral display
  • Edit the audio and transform it with a wide variety of plugins
  • Generate new sounds
  • Develop your own plugins using the soniK SDK
  • soniK uses the aRts sound system from KDE which means a wide variety of soundcards are supported. Future versions of soniK will also use the JACK sound system which provides real-time, low-latency sound input/output.
  • soniK uses LADSPA plugins to apply effects to sound files. Several packages of plugins are available, providing hundreds of effects and you should install some of these to get the most out of soniK. Available packages include:
  • soniK uses KDE's network transparency features to allow you to edit files on remote machines

soniK is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public Licence.


If you have a problem with or question about soniK then please email the users mailing list Also please send any feature suggestions or other comments to the list, so I can keep improving soniK.

If you find a bug in soniK, then please enter it in the bug tracker.

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